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teaching you

                      We have not posted for some time, not because we've ran out of things to post or subject matters . things have seem to take a turn in another direction,some have linked it to there own web sites.our basic motto has been helping you to know!the main theme is about relationships man to animal all animals!We as humans are only a part of the pie a very important part.How we are with one another is what we give to the other relationships we sometimes hold more dear. consistence can be just as important as duration lets not lose sight of this. in the coming weeks there will be a great many changes to our site many which will feed the needs of you!!

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just a thought

what type of relationship do you want What type of relationship do you want with your animal. its necessary to know, for some may say it's just an animal others may say there my family! what ever the

teaching you

Are you listening in your relationship ? Are you listening in your relationship, remember in every good relationship you both speak as will as listen. like a lot of us we are all ready to speak just a

teaching you

Every animal is different regardless of the species as a result the approach to the relationship will be different ,let there actions be your  guide. Watch there actions carefully they have told you m

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