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talking to your animal

from avery vanleer's the art of keyword helping you to know

LaFaye said on Aug 21, 2012 0:19 AM

Hi Avery, Glad to see you are still working with the animals. God bless.

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Taking advise while training !

Know that not everything is carved in stone when it comes to training 1+1 doen't always = 2 . therefore remember always!

  • research your experiences for the truth!
  • absorb what is useful
  • reject what is useless
  • add specifically what is your own ( those things which
  • work for your relationship ! )

* every animal is different !

we are all traveling different paths through the mountain of life,

and some climbs can be felt like the point of a knife,some are short,others

long, but the beauty of truth is to find where yours climb your own

path true and strong but respect all other truths for your way for someone

else could be wrong!!                     

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